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After the massive success of the F-Type model, what’s next for Jaguar sports cars?

Autocar spoke with Jaguar’s head of design Ian Callum who speculated on the development of the next gen XK, “We’re working on the design for both a two-seater based on the F-Type platform and a 2+2 model. Nothing is set in stone or approved yet but there is a new XK in the works.”

The XK dropped off from the production line up in 2014 but now the 2+2 GT model is in the early stages of design, with hints dropped by the design team of another sporty model to introduce to the Jaguar family.

After being asked to address the long-standing rumors about the creation of the new XK, Callum revealed that the final designs had been put into place but the idea was scrapped at the time for further development of the F-Type models. The original plan was always to keep both the XK and F-Type models in play but focus shifted to the F-Type for several years.

If they finalize the decision to move forward with reintroducing the XK, the 2+2 model would be introduced right next to the next-gen F-Type. It is likely that the XK will come equipped with an upgraded Ingenium engine that features a 2.0 liter turbocharged engine with delivery of 296 horsepower.

Consumers may have a little while to wait as the model isn’t expected to hit the dealerships until 2021 or later. If it comes out, the GT will come in different performance variations including the SVR with a 5.0 liter V8 engine creating a massive 572 horsepower as well as the R trim.

The company hasn’t given the full green light on the idea yet but the thought is that the new XK will have added storage space and redesigned touring features signature to the brand.

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