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As Jaguar Land Rover is moving toward electrification, they’ve introduced new classifications for the vehicle powertrain.

Many automobile manufacturers have previously depended on the displacement of the engine for powertrain classification. With the advancements in hybrid offerings, it has become harder for the brand to classify the powertrain when it involves batteries and electric motors.

The 2018 Jaguar E-Pace is the first model that Jaguar Land Rover is distinguishing based on the powertrain with more models to follow suit with the new classification system.

The automaker is using a letter to classify the fuel source as well as a numerical classification for the metric horsepower.

Jaguar displayed the E-Pace model at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show signifying a D180 embossment on the tailgate. The letter “D” represents that it has a diesel motor with the number 180 to signal that fact that it has 180 horsepower. Under the old classification system used by Jaguar Land Rover, the E-Pace likely would have been badged with 20d to represent that it is equipped 2.0 liter engine.

Gasoline powered vehicles in the Jaguar line up will be classified with the letter “P” which is characteristic of petroleum as the fuel source. As they release the I-Pace this year, the electric car will be classified by the letter “E” to represent the electric motor powertrain.

On the other hand, Audi’s new classification system is a bit more complex. They are now classifying the powertrain type as TFSI for gasoline, TDI for diesel and e-tron for electric. Audi also is using a numerical rating which ranges between 30 and 70 to reflect the amount of power. An example would be If the trunk is badged with a “30”, the vehicle has between 109 and 129 horsepower.

Jaguar continues to stand out as a leader in the luxury vehicle segment and their simple powertrain classification system is another advantage for consumers.

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