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Choosing your vehicle can be about more than luxury, as the commitment to performance from Jaguar doesn’t stop at luxurious, it expands beyond to personalize your vehicle to your needs. Jaguar owners benefit from pet-friendly accessories that make life easier for the entire family.

When you take a trip to the beach or through the woods, you don’t want to worry about sandy or soaking wet paws tracking through your car. While it may be plenty of fun your dog to have a drenched coat and muddy feet, it certainly isn’t an ideal situation for your vehicle.

The Jaguar Pet Pack includes accessories to protect the interior fabrics from mud or damage that can be created after a long adventure with your pup. The burden of potentially ruining your interior will be lifted as these features protect the inside of your vehicle.

One of the most notable features of the Pet Pack is the Luggage Compartment Partition which keeps the boot compartment separate from the seats and the rest of the vehicle. This eliminates the chance of the seats getting punctured from claws and protects against damage from mud or sand.

For quick and easy cleaning after a day full of fun, the rigid liner tray and rubber mats slide out to be hosed or wiped own.

When you need a extra layer of protection for extra dirt and grime, the rigid liner will catch and hold the material to await cleaning. The rigid liner tray has a lipped edge which comes in handy, especially when you are riding with multiple pups.

Jaguar came out with this optional gear package designed for dog lovers of all ages. The accessories were crafted to improve the interior durability of the vehicle while adding to the comfort of your pets. Jaguar elegantly supports muddy nature walks or day beach trips without compromising on luxury.

Want to check out the Pet Package available on 2018 Jaguar models? Contact us at Jaguar Dallas for more information!

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