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Jaguar Land Rover is excited to announce and celebrate the production of the first Ingenium petrol engine at their Engine Manufacturing Center (EMC), an incredible manufacturing plant that serves three of Jaguar Land Rover’s United Kingdom vehicle plants. The engine is set to make its vehicle debut later in the summer in the 18MY Jaguar F-TYPE.

“The start of petrol production marks an important milestone for the plant as we move to providing a suite of ultra-low emission, high-performance petrol and diesel engines to power the full Jaguar and Land Rover vehicle line-up now and in the future,” Trevor Leeks, Jaguar Land Rover EMC Operations Director, said. “Importantly, it also showcases the incredible impact Jaguar Land Rover has had on the local economy with the creation of the 1,400 skilled jobs promised when we opened the plant in 2013. In fact we will be welcoming our 1,400th employee at the end of this month.”


Of the 1,400 employees that work at the plant, 80 percent of those live within 10 miles. This ensures growth, opportunity, and prosperity to the region. 125,000 hours of training has been compiled to create this phenomenal workforce.

“The EMC has quickly grown to be an incredibly important part of this region, celebrated for the jobs created and the quality of the training and career opportunities on offer,” Georgia Rigby, Integrated Manufacturing Specialist, said. “I was keen to join Jaguar Land Rover after hearing really positive things from my friends who work here. I have been here for just over a year now and it’s been fantastic.”

In addition to the jobs created, the EMC has more than 50 apprentices and graduates in a powertrain development program. This program supports the design, production, and engineering of Jaguar Land Rover advanced engine range.

Even though the EMC has only been open since 2013, it is evident the impact it has made in its local community.

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