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May was a busy month for Panasonic Jaguar Racing. The 5th and 6th races of the Formula E series took place on May 13 in Monaco and May 20 in Paris, France, respectively. Panasonic Jaguar Racing did a fantastic job and earned points in both races.

The race in Monaco started with drivers, Mitch Evans and Adam Carroll, lined up in P15 and P18. They kept to their race strategy despite challenges, and the Panasonic Jaguar Racing Team reacted flawlessly when an incident occurred. The Panasonic Jaguar Racing Team made sure Mitch and Adam took stops early to avoid the incident.

In the end, Mitch ended in P10 and Adam in P14. This earned Panasonic Jaguar Racing more points and valuable data to be used for future races.

The race in Paris started with Mitch and Adam lined up in P8 and P19. After an incident on the raceway called for a full course yellow flag, Mitch and Adam took full advantage of the slower moving vehicles and were able to move up places.

Unfortunately, Adam was given a penalty for completing his pit stop 1 second too early, and Mitch had issues with his second car. However, despite the challenges, Mitch and Adam fought and finished in P9 and P15 respectively, making this Panasonic Jaguar Racing’s third straight point earning race.

“I’m proud of the team for coming away with another points finish,” James Barclay, Panasonic Jaguar Team Director, said. “This is a very tricky circuit and a new one for the Jaguar team but we brought both cars home and came away with a deserved result.”

“We had a bit of misfortune during the pit stops today. Adam was given a drive-through penalty and Mitch had an issue with his second car, which cost him some time. We will investigate both of these issues.”

The next two races of the Formula E championship take place this weekend in Berlin, Germany. Let us wish Panasonic Jaguar Racing good luck! We know you will make us proud!

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