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Land Rover Jaguar employs a skilled workforce of design, product planning and engineering professionals who carve the direction that the brand is headed.

There’s been dozens on brainstorming and work sessions to make decisions that will be part of the next 5 to 10 years for JLR.

The current trend is crossover vehicles, seamlessly mixing the sedan and SUV body style. The future of the brand is open to debate as JLR is notorious for keeping their secrets under wraps.

Will electric powertrains take over the market or do they plan to keep the internal combustion engine for the long term? How long until all cars will be driving themselves? What will Jaguar models look like in 10 years?

While there no simple answer to these questions, one thing is clear that Jaguar Land Rover is anchored in multiple luxury and off road segments. The expression having all of your eggs in one baskets applies for the automaker with a wide range of vehicle offerings, positioned deep within consumer favorites.

Joe Eberhardt, the president of JLR’s North America division was brought in over the past decade to revamp the company growth, with the brand hitting record sales accomplishments in 2015 and 2016. During his 30-year career amongst several different automakers, Eberhardt feels that the fact that JLR is the leading British luxury brand, “it allows us to celebrate impressive sales growth”.

Jaguar now showcases two crossover models, the compact E-Pace and F Pace with Ian Callum leading the way for the styling efforts. Callum is the head of design at Jaguar, constantly working to differentiate the brand from other competitors while maintaining the brand’s authenticity.

The heart and soul of the Jaguar brand is the F-Type with its sophisticated styling and powerful performance.

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