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Jaguar is known for their commitment to luxury, with safety as the most valued attribute of luxury vehicles. The 2018 Jaguar XJ is equipped with a full suite of driver assistance features and advanced safety systems to protect you and your family.

No matter what conditions you are driving in, the XJ goes the extra mile to keep the driver and passengers safe. Here are a few of the many safety features equipped in the 2018 XJ model.

Airbags, Airbags and More Airbags

The XJ includes a comprehensive airbag system that is designed to deploy in the case of a collision. With dual front airbags, an airbag in the outer edge of every seat and airbags above the side windows; there is certainly no shortage of cushioning. The seats up front are able to detect the size and weight of the driver and front passenger in order to direct the airbags properly when needed.

Whiplash Protection

To protect passengers, the seatbelt pretensioners will automatically pull the seat belt tighter when the vehicle is decelerating at a rapid rate. The vehicle even has added whiplash protection with technology that moves the front headrests forward to prevent injury.

Blind Spot Monitoring

Imagine being able to know that a vehicle is in your blind spot without actually seeing it. With the XJ, the Blind Spot Monitoring feature will alert you when a vehicle is approaching your blind spot so you can stay in your lane.

Adaptive Cruise Control

When you are driving long distances or even for your daily commute, the Adaptive Cruise Control will not only keep your speed, but maintain a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. There is an added Queue Assist safety feature to bring the vehicle to a halt automatically when it approaches stopped traffic.

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